Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crystal Palace, London UK

Crystal Palace is a residential area in south London, England, UK. Named after the former local landmark, which housed the Crystal Palace great exhibition of 1851 and occupied the area from1854 to 1936 when sadly it burnt down. The "Crystal Palace Triangle", as it is called formed by Westow Street, Westow Hill and Church Road, has a large number of restaurants, pubs, independent shops, including vintage as well as a sprawling indoor secondhand market on Haynes Lane.

My son Marc who lives in Crystal Palace did the rounds of 'the triangle' close to where he lives and took these amazing photos for me of vintage shops.  Here we go.....

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Tucked away down the lane, Crystal Palace Antiques

According to Wikipedia G-Plan was a pioneering range of furniture in the UK, produced by E Gomme Ltd of High Wycombe. In 1943, during World War 2, furniture was part of rationing in the United Kingdom; the Board of Trade set up the Utility scheme which limited costs and the types of furniture on sale. A small number of simple designs were available in oak or mahogany. This scheme ended in December 1952. This, combined with the Festival of Britain lead to a pent-up demand for more modern furniture. This chair below is a a 1969 G Plan priced at 545 pound!

IBM Factory Clock

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