Friday, May 27, 2011

Old Ponds Cold Cream Jars with metal lid

Lovely old Ponds Cold Cream Jars with rusty metal lids.

Found this box of old glass bottles at a garage sale in Brisbane this morning, a fundraiser for Oxfam. Old medicine bottles, glass insulators, ink bottles etc.

including this pink Vaseline jar (see below)

From Wikipedia...
"The first known reference to the name Vaseline was by the inventor of petroleum jelly, pharmacist Robert Chesebrough in his U.S. patent for the process of making petroleum jelly (U.S. Patent 127,568) in 1872. "I, Robert Chesebrough, has invented a new and useful product from petroleum which I have named Vaseline…".

Chesebrough's first manufacturing plant for vaseline was in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. In 1881 Chesebrough Manufacturing began operating under Standard Oil but resumed independent operations in 1911. Additional production sites were built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in 1924, London, England.

Chesebrough Manufacturing Company distributed its product throughout the United States and England during the early and mid-20th Century."

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