Friday, December 30, 2011

Bus Stop Disco Newcastle NSW 1970

Three hipsters, Doone, Cheryl Fitness and Eliza.... circa 1970.  Where are they now? Although this photo is not taken at Bus Stop Disco we all went there in the early 70's. Please post a comment if you ever went or know anyone who did.

Blogger with Minolta SRT101 camera, early 1970's.


  1. I used to go to the Sunday ago concerts at Bus Stop Disco....remember seeing Chain play...used go drinks at the Cambridge Hotel first. Can any one recall the guys who used to live in the very last house in Hunter Street West? Bob ? Val ?

  2. My name is Steve Wakely and I think that I am probably remotely related to Cheryl Fitness (my aunts were Dot & Bid Fitness) I was one of the DJ's at Bus Stop (I also was on-air at 2KO and wrote for Go-Set rock magazine about the Newcastle Music scene) - I was better known as "Big Steve" .... Ted van der Landon? was the owner and Ted did so much for the Newcastle Music scene. There is a great site dedicated to the bands of the era at:

  3. Thanks Steve, great to hear from you I do remember Ted who ran Bus Stop disco and I loved Go Set magazine, I wish I had kept copies. I will check out that site. We bought a lot of records at Tyrells and have about 3000 which we still play. Cheers Julie

  4. Hi my name Garry
    I have great memories of Bus Stop Diso,I was very close friend of Ted.
    During the Australian record ban I went to the record companies and brough back records to play in the DJ Both. I remember Big Steve,Bruce
    from Tyrell's and Grahn Gilbert.The place had really friendly atmosphire,
    and great local other Bands.
    I lost contact Ted ?
    Garry Burriss

  5. Hi
    I used to go to Bus Stop 1969 1970 every Sat night-so many great bands: Chain, Wendy Saddington, Max Merritt and the Meteors, Jeff St John-loved it...great electric blues music Billy Thorpe...